On Monday I asked a question in the main chamber of the House of Commons of the Education Department about what more can be done to encourage teachers to come to Cornwall especially due to the high housing costs in the Duchy.  The Minister outlined the work that the government is taking to ensure that there is more affordable housing available and highlighted the work in Liskeard as an Education Investment Areas where the Department for Education will offer retention payments to help schools keep the best teachers in the highest priority subjects.

On Wednesday I attended a meeting of the Fisheries All Party Parliamentary Group which I normally Chair.  The meeting discussed labour availability in all areas of the industry from the catching sector to the people working in processing and also in our fish and chip shops.  It is clear that we must encourage people to have an interest in fishing at the time when they are still in education and make clearer paths into the industry for those that are keen to take up this line of work.  I know many who have made a success of a career in the fisheries sector and it is clear following this meeting that we must do more to encourage young people into this work if we are to continue to see this healthy food source still on our menus.

I then asked a question at women & equalities about investment areas before Prime Ministers Questions.  It was good to be in the chamber for Rishi Sunak’s first Questions as the new Prime Minister.  I was very impressed by his ability to answer questions on a range of subjects and his clear grasp of all the issues that we face today.  I am now more confident of his ability to have a firm grasp of the whole range of issues and am optimistic about his premiership.On Wednesday afternoon I attended a meeting of Parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee to discuss with farmers who have been involved in the Environmental land management schemes pilot.  We were able to ask about these farmers about their experiences of applying to the Sustainable Farming Incentive and importantly how effectively is the Government communicating and engaging with farmers and other landowner groups about the progress of the Environmental land management scheme.

On Thursday morning I asked a question about cyber security.  Many websites went down in Ukraine when Russia invaded their country and I wanted to ensure that lessons have been learnt.  Understandably the Minister could not go into too much detail but assured me that work on cyber attack is ongoing and is a priority.I also chaired an important session in Westminster Hall in the afternoon which included a debate on education for Colleges Week before meeting with a local mining company to discuss opportunities in the constituency.At the weekend I apologise for not coming back to Cornwall for the launch of the poppy appeal in many towns.  I enjoy attending these events across the constituency.  I can report that I became a god parent to Chloe Morris in Parliament on Saturday morning.  I share an office with David Morris MP who is the MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale and he asked me if I would accept this position.  I was very honoured to be asked and look forward to this important role.