I READ with amazement the letter by R.E.G. Lamerton (Cornish Times, 07.05.10) about the lack of waste bins in Looe.

I visited the town recently and was surprised how scruffy it looked. However, we have the same problem in Callington, with litter everywhere.

If you don't have an adequate number of waste bins you will have a litter problem.

I have just visited a city (unfortunately not in the UK) where there were litter bins every 20 to 30 yards apart, especially in areas where there was a concentration of people. Also, they were not unattractive in appearance.

I guess the council objects to the cost of supplying and emptying the bins. However, if it is well organised and managed, it is quite a simple and inexpensive operation. Having said that, that is the nub of the problem, it has to be well organised and managed.

Once the problem of litter bins has been solved, we have to start to educate everyone to use them. Anyone who has visited other countries will appreciate we have more than our fair share of litter louts.