By WILLIAM BURT Film Correspondent

The Awards season builds to a crescendo this weekend with the Oscars.

Oppenheimer is tipped to clear the board. The Best Actress has a closer duel with Killers of the Flower Moon’s Lily Gladstone and Poor Things’ Emma Stone both in contention. 

One thing is for sure though is that we will remember this winner in years to come unlike the other winners so far this decade. 

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New Releases


The latest horror offering from the Blumhouse studios.

It is fair to say that it’s been a mixed bag for the studio in recent years but recent big hitters M3gan and Five Nights at Freddy’s bodes well for this latest animatronic/toy creation feature. 

Chauncey is a childhood toy that Jessica rediscovers on a trip back to her childhood home. Whilst there her stepdaughter Alice becomes enamoured with the cuddly toy and takes him home. 

However the made up games Alice starts to play with Chauncey soon take a dark and sinister turn. With Jessica starting to question her childhood and is the bear more than just a stuffed toy?

Lisa Frankenstein

Currently showing the contemporary comedic gory reworking of Mary Shelley’s classic.

Set in the late 1980s Lisa is an awkward teen goth who is besotted with a handsome but dead body. But not for long as the Corpse is brought back to life after an accident on a sunbed. 

The two fall in love but the creature is lacking in a few body parts so they embark on a murder spree to complete the perfect body. 

Event Cinema


This weekend sees the second of the Pixar re-releases.

A charming existential based animation with jazz music at the heart of the story. I have seen this one and I did really enjoy it I would say it is a more grown up animation, just for the content, themes and music. 

It is suitable for children but I think it reaches adults at a better level.

Titanic: the Musical

Winner of 5 Tony Awards (including Best Musical), based on the real people aboard the most legendary ship in the world.

Titanic The Musical is a stunning and stirring production focusing on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of her passengers who each boarded with stories and personal ambitions of their own.

Silver Screen

Silver Screen tomorrow will be Priscilla. 

The look at the wife and marriage of the biggest music star of the 20th century. Elvis and Priscilla was a very rocky love story and whilst there have been many versions from his perspective and music, this takes a look from a very different perspective. 

The Silver Screen is Thursday Morning’s at 11am and admission includes a hot drink and a biscuit.

Cinema Memories

This week’s cinema memory interview is with my old friend Chris Gray, we have known each other since school and even starred in some school productions together. Chris has kept up his interest in performing as we will find out in his memories.

Will - Hi Chris, thank you for agreeing to this, I did time it for when Leeds were winning so you would be in a good mood to ask, now tell us about yourself.

Chris - I have loved films since a kid and frequently visit the cinema. I am a performer myself and so is my wife who is currently rehearsing for Guys and Dolls at the Keay Theatre in April. My two kids love cinema and are being coached to like the films I do. My son loves Ghostbusters now so we are looking forward to March and the release of Frozen Empire.

Will - It does look good, I know one of my earliest cinema memories is watching Ghostbusters II at the cinema.  What was the first cinema you visited and what film did you watch?

Chris - It was the old cinema in St Austell and I believe it was the Lion King with my mum and brother, I had to sit on my own as the cinema was so busy, no online booking in those days and I loved it.

Will - Many of us will know you are a great entertainer, performing in many productions and a number of years as a red coat, but is there a film you would say has inspired you to become an actor and entertainer?

Chris - Well thanks for that compliment lol, as a kid I loved Home Alone and wanted to be Macauley Culkin as I was just in awe. Later on in life I just love Ryan Reynolds as his comic timing and little quips are things I try and adapt in my panto roles, he’s a complete genius.

 Will - What are the best and worst films that you have seen at a cinema and have you every walked out?

Chris – Oooo, well I have a few. Avengers Endgame, No way home, the John Wick series, Titanic, Deadpool, The Saw films as I just love that theme song, 

I have walked out once and it was so sad as it was in my favourite franchise Star Wars, Attack of the Clones is the worst film ever and I was so sad and I walked out half way in. Also fallen with Denzel is just so so poor and confusing, I hated it. Do not watch that film ever!

Will - I always thought Attack of the Clones was the worst in the Star Wars franchise, it is just so slow. Unfortunately you did miss the best bit of the prequels when Yoda gets his lightsabre out for action. Now if there was to be a film of your life, who would play you and why?

Chris - My brother is Grayson Matthews and he used to work in the cinema, he’s an actor and has been in a few films which you can all watch. Tribal get out alive, The Man from UNCLE. But he looks nothing like me so it wouldn’t make sense! 

Will - Yes I remember working with Grayson or Matt at the Filmcentre with us and it’s good to see him doing well in acting. I know your mother would have been very proud as she was a big fan of film and arts and she was a regular fixture in the local dramatic scene. Sadly you lost her recently but she would be so pleased of both Matt’s achievements in film and all of the fun and joy you bring to the stage. Now if we can’t use your brother who could we ask?

Chris - Jason Biggs (Jim from American Pie) has a little resemblance to me and he would need to prepare because it would be some film.

Will - To be fair they could just call it Cornwall Pasty and do a remake of American Pie for you but we could set it over here, I’ll get writing!

Chris - It will be an epic! 

Will - The big question to finish, what is your cinema snack of choice?

Chris - Well years ago the potato crisps were called Krax and it was so childish and funny to go up to the counter and ask for a large Krax, it was a highlight of visiting the cinema. Now they are just called potato snacks and one size gutted when I saw that, still my go to though.