AT a recent Calstock Parish Council meeting this week, there was an exciting talk about the village possibly twinning with a village in Ukraine.

Inspired by Liskeard town mayor Cllr Simon Cassidy, and the new partnership of Liskeard with the village of Kopychyntsi, councillor Alastair Tinto put forward a proposal to potentially follow a similar route.

At the meeting, Alastair said: "​Liskeard is one of the few places in the UK formally to twin with a town in Ukraine. Why not Calstock Parish? We already have strong links with Ukraine. Ukrainian families have settled here. Darren Tait, who runs convoys of supplies for Ukraine to Poland and who was our 2022 Citizen of the Year, lives in St Ann’s Chapel. Many people in the parish collect goods for the convoys. This is a good time to deepen links with a formal twinning."

Cllr Simon Cassidy attended the meeting in full regalia and was joined by Darren and Polly Tait from the Cornwall and Devon Sending Love To Ukraine convoy group, Andrew and Louise Morton, Calstock residents who are also part of the of the convoys, Andrew who has chaired a twinning group in Hampshire and Yuliya Teplova who has lived in Calstock with her family for the last 18 months after moving from Ukraine – each all spoke movingly in support of the proposal.

It was reported that the Council was very warmly supportive of the proposal and agreed unanimously that the twinning process should begin.