The tenth anniversary of the UK government’s recognition of the Cornish as a “national minority” will take place on Wednesday, April 24. 

To mark the occasion, Mebyon Kernow (MK) will hold an event on Saturday at which party members will issue a challenge to central government to deliver on its promises from 2014.

All are welcome to attend the meeting in the council offices in Truro from 2pm.

MK leader Cllr Dick Cole said: “Recognition was a landmark decision, with Westminster promising the Cornish would be afforded the ‘same status’ as the UK’s other Celtic people - the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish.

“It has been disappointing that, during the last decade, central government has failed to meet so many of its obligations to the Cornish as set out in the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

“Please join us in keeping up the pressure to turn ‘recognition’ into meaningful gains for the Cornish and Cornwall.”

Being recognised as a national minority means the Cornish have the right to express, preserve, share and develop their distinct culture and identity.

National minority status helps to address negative attitudes to being Cornish in the workplace, in public institutions including schools and the NHS, in social situations and in cultural exchanges.