A 500kg bomb discovered in the back garden of a residential property in Plymouth was safely removed by bomb disposal experts from the British Army and Royal Navy last week. 

Around 30 of the Armed Forces’ most experienced bomb disposal specialists worked around the clock from Tuesday, February 20 to assess the condition of the bomb – before it was successfully removed from a densely populated residential area, and towed out to sea, where it was detonated.  

The munition was identified as an air-dropped German bomb from World War II and prompted one of the largest evacuation operations since the end of the Second World War.

The disposal of the bomb caused widespread traffic disruption including the Torpoint Ferry and railway services. 

Reflecting on the events, a spokesperson from Torpoint Town Council said: “The events on Friday caused some impact to Torpoint residents mainly due to the ferry service being suspended from 1pm with little notice. 

“A number of school children use the ferry as foot passengers traversing both ways and whilst local Plymouth schools were evacuated  there was a lack of communication to Torpoint schools who do have a number of students from Plymouth on roll. 

“With the lack of waiting room facilities at the ferry Torpoint Town Council arranged for the Library and Community Hub to stay open so any stranded passengers would have somewhere to go. 

“The whole incident however was unprecedented and all those involved are to be congratulated on the safe removal, transportation and subsequent disposal of the bomb whilst protecting the public.”