Well, it’s been a bit of week at Liskeard Radio and, as when any business has a change in management, there are many aspects and core functions of that business that need to be looked at in fine detail.

Firstly, we have to build on the already great reputation we have locally then look how we can further involve ourselves in, promote and support, pretty much anything that’s going on in Liskeard and the surrounding area.

An important, though not obvious, part of what we do as a small business is networking and over the past few months we have tried to attend as many meetings with the local council, businesses and public organisations as we possibly can.

In building, or in some cases renewing, these relationships we have found that as much as we are prepared to support the town the town is equally prepared to support us.

A great example of this came last Thursday as my co-Director Barry and myself met with Matt and Baz, organisers and representatives of this year’s Ploughman’s Festival to discuss our involvement in the forthcoming event.

It was refreshing and inspiring to see two young guys with such energy and passion for what they are doing whilst also having very level heads in terms of what needs to be done...it doesn’t just happen!

Our involvement in a number of events so far this year, particularly the recent ‘Picnic in the Park’ has meant that the name Liskeard Radio is becoming synonymous with local events as their ‘go-to’ support and that is exactly what we were able to offer Matt and Baz.

The Ploughman Festival is, as always, going to a fabulous event, it’s on August 19 and we will be there supporting a number of local bands, it’s really not to be missed!

We are also very conscious that we are a Community Radio Station and at the heart of that is our scheduling.

We are very lucky to have a number of syndicated shows that air weekly with a wide range of titles, including Vinyl Impressions, The Tim Alsop Experience, The Random Jukebox and Blues Cafe to name just a few.

We have a number of LIVE shows, my own Motown and Funk Show, Barry’s Soul Show, Ken Strange covering the Rock n Roll, a variety of shows by DJ SBEE and more...not to mention a fabulous new offering from our presenters Christine and Sharon entitled The BEATS and RANTS Show!

Listeners to a radio station want not just great music, which we offer in abundance, but entertainment too and whilst the aforementioned ladies play some great tracks during their two hours the highlight is some wonderful chat, rants and the offer for those listeners to join in with their own fun and frustrations.

The BEATS and RANTS Show is every Thursday at 7pm following The Soul  Motown and Funk Show at 5pm

Live shows are also video-streamed and all you need to do is tune in on www.liskeardradio.com and click the ‘live’ button to get yourself involved!

You can also message us via our Liskeard Radio Facebook Page.

We are always on the lookout for new talent so if you love music and fancy having a try from the presenters seat then we welcome interest AND similarly if you are a local business owner interested in using our airwaves to promote yourself then just get it touch on [email protected]