A tenant farmer attacked a landowner on Bodmin Moor in a row over an injured horse – leaving him in fear for his life. 

The victim was Rupert Hanbury-Tenison – son of the explorer and former chief executive of the Countryside Alliance Robin Hanbury-Tenison. 

Angry Trevor Cole put 52-year-old Rupert Hanbury-Tenison into a headlock and punched him as they grappled on the ground. 

The victim said he was 'genuinely in fear for my life' and said he would have suffered serious injuries had he not been able to restrain him. 

He said he is not coping well and has PTSD as a result of the violent assault and is now nervous when he is out on his land. 

A court heard there had been some difficulties between the two men over several years. 

Bodmin Magistrates Court was told that Mr Hanbury-Tenison had received a text message about an injured horse and went to check out the situation. 

The horse belonged to 44-year-old Cole who is a tenant farmer and he told Mr Hanbury-Tenison that he did not need his help and was sorting it out.

But Cole then 'lost his temper' and attacked Mr Hanbury-Tenison on the victim's own land. Dashcam footage showed the attack in which the victim suffered cuts, swelling and a permanent grinding on his jaw.

 The court heard Cole has grazing rights on the land but there had been some problems between the two men over the last two or three years. 

Father-of-six Cole, of Cardinham, Bodmin, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm in June 2021.

 The court heard Cole's main job was clearing livestock from Dartmoor's firing ranges and his partner and daughter look after cattle and horses on their common land. 

Bodmin magistrates court ordered a pre-sentence report before Cole will return next month to discover his fate when he is sentenced.