LOCAL residents will be glad to hear that Storm the ‘self appointed’ therapy cat in Liskeard is on the road to recovery following an accident. 

Storm is a seven-year-old, grey Burmeses cat and belongs to Liskeard residents, Charlie and Simon.

Around two years ago, unbeknown to the couple, Storm had become quite the celebrity within the local area after he made regular visitor to Oak Tree Surgery and Liskeard Community Hospital.

It was said that Storm had become ‘a ray of sunshine’ in the lives of people who were visiting the hospital as pictures began emerging of him on social media.

Charlie said: “Comments began to pile in as people spoke of a beautiful and friendly cat that spends his days sunning himself at the entrance of the hospital.

“People’s comments ranged from wondering whose cat this was? Tagging their friends, wondering if he had an owner at all.”

Charlie’s auntie, who works at the hospital, cleared up a lot of confusion online, stating that Storm had caring owners.

“Despite this being absolutely true, we found it difficult to keep him home for long because as soon as a chance presented itself, he was gone, over the hedge,” Charlie added “The words ‘self-appointed therapy cat’ began being thrown around.

“At first we took this as a nice, tongue-and-cheek comment knowing that people must think a lot of our lovely cat but we soon found out quite how much of an impression Storm had made on so many peoples’ hearts and minds.”

Sadly at the beginning of this year, it was reported that Storm had been wandering near the hospital when he was hit by a car and rushed to Luxstowe Vets.

Charlie explained: “After a few days of fearing the worst, Storm showed hope of recovery but would need his back leg amputated promptly.”

During this time, news of Storm’s accident reached Facebook where Charlie and Simon were flooded with hundreds of comments and messages of support.

Charlie said: “People started commenting saying how they enjoy seeing him and brings happiness to them when they see him. There are children that regularly visit the hospital and knowing they may see Storm makes it easier for their parents to get them there.”

Since his accident, Charlie’s mother has set up a JustGiving page on behalf of her daughter so supporters could donate towards Storm’s vet bills.

It has been reported that staff and visitors at the hospital have also donated towards the vet bills.

Charlie’s mother added: “We have been deeply touched by the support shown and donations that we have received towards Storm’s quite significant vets bill through the Just Giving link and cash.”

Storm is still recovering but is on the mend with hopes to be back for cuddles with hospital visitors and staff soon.