It’s pantomime time in St Teath again. Do you remember the words? “He’s behind you!” “Oh no, he isn’t!”

After last year’s unfortunate cancellation, St Teath Players are back with the pirate adventure aboard the Hispaniola. If audiences read the R L Stevenson classic as a child, forget it. This is...different.

For a start there are the Joybirds, who have joined forces with the pirates. Bethany Paul looks every inch of the swashbuckling hero, Jim Hawkins and Graham Stevens is dastardly Long John Silver — oh, yes he is!

Directed by Jodie Young and Kevin Hargrave, this pirate adventure centres around a treasure map which has fallen into the hands of Mrs Hawkins. The race is on to find the treasure. There are ghosts, a killer octopus, the hero and heroine who find true love (a vital part of any pantomime) and who will be forced to walk the plank?

A spokesperson said: “Mystified? You will be! But that’s all part of the fun.”

Book seats now. There are three performances on February 16 and 17. Seats are limited so don’t wait. Tickets are available in the Post Office from February 1.

The script has been adapted from a Ben Crocker play by Kevin Hargrave.

Backstage help is required — there is a lot of scenery to move — and a curtain puller is needed urgently. If anyone is able to help they are asked to contact Kevin on 01208 850002.