Horse riders and residents in a village near Callington are appealing for action on speeding cars before a tragedy occurs. In Downgate, where a long straight hill ends in a sharp corner, it is ‘only a matter of time before a child is killed or seriously injured,’ said one resident, who didn’t wish to be named

Nicola Bull, who lives in Kelly Bray and regularly rides in the Downgate area, says she encounters many motorists who drive too fast for the narrow lanes and bends.

In an incident around three weeks ago, Nicola said she was riding between Downgate and Holmbush when a man driving a van and trailer appeared to accelerate towards her deliberately.

Nicola reported the incident to the police as she was concerned for other riders whose horses would have been spooked by the speed and proximity of the vehicle. ‘Most drivers are courteous and slow down. But a lot of people don’t realise how to pass horses. They need to slow down and give a lot of room.’

A spokesperson for Callington Police said: ‘We were contacted by a horse rider who was enjoying a ride in the quiet lanes of Downgate when a white/grey van style vehicle towing a trailer drove towards her at speed, seemingly on purpose.

‘This could have been a very serious incident.

‘Anyone with information on this or similar incidents please contact us.’