SOUTH West Water are hoping to save water with a new project.  

South West Water has asked customers in Cornwall for one last push in their efforts to save water as its new tariff trial approaches its end.  

The company launched a trial for household customers across Cornwall back in February offering a £10 in credit to each customer across the county if a 5 per cent reduction in water use was achieved in the area by May 5. 

The water supplier has said that it has seen customers across Cornwall respond, with demand for water reducing over the last couple of months, and the company is sharing tips on the simple steps that can help save even more.  

For example, spending a couple of minutes less in the shower each day, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, and using the dishwasher or washing machine on eco mode and only with a full load can make a big difference.  

Laura Flowerdew, South West Water’s chief customer and digital officer, said: “A wet winter combined with our interventions and the efforts of our customers has allowed our reservoirs to recover well in recent months, and left us confident that there will be no need for hosepipe bans this year.  

“We know our customers are passionate about conserving water and protecting the environment. Saving water doesn't only ensure we are minimising what we have to take from reservoirs and rivers, but can save money on water bills too.”