A new sensory garden has been created at the Echo Centre in Liskeard thanks to the hard work of the local Rotary and YFC clubs.

The Echo Centre is a service for adults 18+ who have a physical disability, brain injury, cognitive impairment or those living with long-term health conditions. Staff recognised the importance regarding client’s mental health and well-being and realised that some clients do not have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the experience of nature.

After a discussion with Looe Valley Rotary Club, the idea of a sensory garden was proposed to create a quiet area for clients to sit and relax.

Firstly, the Liskeard Young Farmers Club came into landscape the area, they re-laid the circular stones and generally tided up the area.

The Rotary Club provided a banana bench and planters with scented and sensory plants and the superb arch was constructed by one of their members.

Cornish Orchards very kindly donated the plants and grasses giving the area a wonderful aroma and sensory opportunity.

The area now looks amazing and feedback from clients has been so positive, one quote was “this is the first time I have sat in a garden for over three years, this is simply magical, thank you”

Echo expressed their thanks to everyone for their hard work and support and what a lovely community achievement of both young and old working together.