ROAD markings and kerb adaptations continue to be under review in Gunnislake so as to address a situation that leads to “havoc” for motorists and danger for patients visiting the health centre. 

Cornwall Council’s Highways team paid a visit to the village earlier this month. The local authority visit followed a walkabout by chairman Jim Wakem with John Wells, chair of the Amenities Committee, to confirm exactly where the problems lie. 

“We identified areas where the road markings have faded or been completely erased all the way through Gunnislake, including those near the traffic lights on Under Road,” said Cllr Wells. 

“They’ve been eradicated over time or by road repairs. And some of the signs are almost invisible because of growth. 

“Addressing the road markings is vital, as havoc is being created on the Orchard. We’ve had several problems recently where cars have been parked haphazardly and ambulances couldn’t get through to the health centre.” 

Cllr Wells has made the argument to Cornwall Council that the work needed is a maintenance issue to reinstate markings previously there. He’s sent photos to the Council and has been told that the work “would be considered for next year’s budget”. 

Meanwhile, following local feedback, Cllr Wells has requested an additional dropped kerb on the car park side of the Orchard, to enable senior citizens and others with mobility issues easier access to the Health Centre. 

It had been hoped, said Cllr Wells, that remaining Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding of just over £1,700 could be used as a contribution to speed up the installation of the dropped kerb But he said that Calstock PC has now been advised by Cornwall Council that further work would need to be done to reshape the pavement, and that the job as a whole would come in at around £3,000. 

“Because we have a high preponderance of older people I believe that this is something we need to do as soon as possible,” he said. “The Highways manager, who has been very good, has carried out a survey, and it is under review.”