Cornwall Council has issued notices alerting the public to the fact that a road through St Dominick often used by motorists heading to the National Trust’s Cotehele Quay, or between St Mellion roundabout and the villages of Harrowbarrow and Metherell, will be closed for resurfacing on weekdays next week.

The Council says: “As part of our planned routine maintenance activities, a road closure will be in place between St Dominick and Burraton from Monday to Friday, March 22 to 26, while carriageway reconstruction and resurfacing work takes place.

“Works will be undertaken under a 24-hour road closure, with work being carried out between the hours of 7.30am and 5pm.

“We will have marshals on site to support residents and businesses needing local access. All through traffic will need to follow the diversions in place at all times.

“ To prevent delays, please do not park on, or obstruct, the highway during the working hours.”

A map on the council’s handout delivered to St Dominick residents shows the road closure affecting the stretch of highway from the area of the village school, around the corner at Cross, past The Meadows cul-de-sac and Who’d Have Thought It Inn, and then down the left-hand fork in the road, along the route often taken by motorists en route to Cotehele, as far as the crossroads with Merton Hill. In addition, the narrow lane leading past the scattered houses of East Burraton is also shown as part of the closure. Warning signs have already been positioned at the Halton Quay road entrance to this lane alerting road-users to the forthcoming closure.

However, the road leading from the Who’d Have Thought It Inn to Halton Quay, and the various routes through Bohetherick, are shown as being not part of the week-long road closure.

Cornwall Council adds that the stretches of road which are being closed are “to be RECYCLED. In this process damaged layers of the road are broken up, and then mixed with a binder material to add strength to the road foundation. The advantage of recycling when compared to other methods is that the work can be completed quickly with minimum disruption, and access [for residents] can be maintained with very minor delays.”

The handout adds that for enquiries in relation to this scheme, people can email [email protected]