RESIDENTS of streets in a Cornish town have said living next to a night-time venue is a “living hell” and “nightmare”.

Representations on behalf of over 30 people have been made to Cornwall Council’s licensing department in opposition to a bid by the MK Lounge in Bodmin to extend its opening hours until 1.30am on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings.

The cocktail bar on Omaha Road, which serves food and has live entertainment, currently closes at 12.30am on Saturdays/Sundays.

The applicant also wants to change the description of the premises from a members’ club to a restaurant and tapas bar.

A report from a council licensing compliance officer says: “Bodmin does have a number of recent high profile reports of crime and disorder relating to the late night economy so it is important to consider the impact that this premises is likely to have on the area and how the licensing objectives can help to alleviate it.

“The applicant has not offered any new conditions although the licensing compliance team can report that several complaints have been received from residents that live close to the premises. The first reports were received when the premises started to trade as the MK Lounge as music was clearly audible for residents that weekend and remedies have been made by the applicants to reduce these occurrences.

“However, four separate residents have made complaints to the team from March 2023 onwards. One resident has continually complained and unfortunately has not found a suitable action to remedy this.”

The change of premises licence application will come before Cornwall Council’s licensing committee on Wednesday, April 10.

The licensing officer has asked for further conditions to be considered, including MK Lounge staff monitoring the area for noise and anti-social behaviour, and a request that the bar’s beer garden closes at 10pm. 

Devon and Cornwall Police have also requested a number of additional conditions.

The MK Lounge was previously known as the Garrison Club, a social club which was associated with the Army garrison buildings.

What were once Army buildings which housed the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry division are now listed buildings converted to homes.

New houses have also been built on what were green spaces divided from the MK Lounge by a garden fence.

The application has resulted in 14 letters of objection from 33 residents of Omaha Road and Royffe Way.

Cornwall councillor Leigh Frost, who represents the Bodmin St Petroc division, supports the change of use application but objects to the extension of opening hours due to the MK Lounge’s close proximity to residential properties.

The MK Lounge has been contacted for a response to its neighbours’ concerns.

A decision will be made on its application next week.