MEMBERS of Callington’s amateur theatrical society ‘Prim-Raf’ took to the stage to perform ‘Snowenna and the Seven Piskies’ this month.

Directed by Allana Hansell (who also starred as Snowenna), the Piskie panto took watchers on a journey of pasties, ponies and princes set in the magical land of Cornwall.  

From the get go it was clear that each actor embodied their charter to perfection – special commemorations go to Tamara Boomdiay (Marshall Plummer), Shoeless (Brendan Richardson), fellow partner Clueless (Julie Barker) and of course – the Signpost (Bill Thynne).

This re-imagining of a classic fairytale brought a fresh, funny and charming twist to the stage. 

The production of the performance was excellent - fitting costumes, a range of funky music and a number of star-gazy props!

The talented cast all delivered stellar performances and knew their lines off by heart. 

Witches (Donna Plant, Hayley Patton and Marie Moore) were truly wicked. 

Prince Gregory (Kelvin Leighton-Julian) and Woody (Chris Ley) were both swept off their feet and both ended up in a panto wedding. 

Mr and Mrs Emmett (Denise Sanders and Ian Purvis) spent most their time lost in the enchanted woods following a slightly confused Sat Nav (Terri Wilcox). 

And finally, the stars of the show - the Piskies played by Mika P, Alfie Hobbs, Lola Wilcox, Abi Moore, Elodie Cloke, Esmei Li and Lilly-Mae Strudwick. 

What truly set this panto apart was its balance of humour and heart. 

From slapstick comedy to somewhat heartfelt moments, there was something for everyone to enjoy. 

The whitty script kept the entire audience laughing and getting involved what lots of classic ‘oh no you not’ moments. 

Having never been to the Prim-Raf before, this panto defiantly made us want to come back every year!