Youngsters at Harrowbarrow and Metherell pre-school playgroup have been busy playing with new equipment and toys, bought with a Millennium Festival award donation of £1,800.

The money, from Lottery funds, was used to widen the playgroup's range of educational, information technology and multicultural play equipment.

Some of this will help lay the foundations for an interest in science, biology and technology.

The new equipment was presented by the head teacher of Harrowbarrow primary school, Mark Tamblyn, during the playgroup's Thursday session.

He also congratulated playgroup leader, Kate Markey, on gaining a diploma in pre-school practice, which means she is a fully qualified early years practitioner.

The parents presented her with a 'family' apple tree for her garden in appreciation of her dedication to the children and her completion of the course.

Mr Tamblyn stressed the school is keen to develop the already excellent working relationship already existing between it and the playgroup.