PLANS for three detached holiday pods near Par could hit the buffers after an unfavourable pre-application response from Cornwall Council.

Mr Mitchell Hart applied to the local authority for pre-application advice regarding the suitability to erect three detached holiday pods with associated works at the location of ‘Tom’s Barn’, Nanscawen, St Blazey, Par.

The supporting statement provided by the applicant states that over a number of years, they have operated a successful holiday letting business by renting out Tom’s Barn, a large detached dwelling set in extensive grounds and with an adjoining paddock, as well as neighbouring property Tabb’s Cottage; both properties which have since reverted back to full residential use.

In its response to Mr Hart, Cornwall Council’s planners said that the proposed use would not ‘enhance the immediate setting and would likely be in conflict with five of Cornwall’s Local Plan strategic policies and a number of other long term strategies.

The response concluded: “The proposed holiday use would not enhance the immediate setting; would not be accessible by a range of transport modes and would lead to an intensification of a residential use in the countryside where no special circumstances have been demonstrated. Consequently, the proposal, if pursued, would be in conflict with Policies 2, 3, 5, 7 and 27 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030, adopted November 2016. Additionally, the proposed development will result in an incongruous addition that will harm the local undeveloped landscape. The social and economic benefits of the development do not outweigh the landscape harm. The proposal, if pursued, would be contrary to Policy 23 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030, Saved Policy 14 of the Restormel Local Plan along with Policy LLNE1 of the Luxulyan Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018-2030 and paragraph 174 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2021.

“You should note that this letter does not constitute a formal decision by the Council (as local planning authority). It is only an officer’s opinion given in good faith, and without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application. However, the advice note issues will be considered by the Council as a material consideration in the determination of future planning related applications, subject to the proviso that circumstances and information may change or come to light that could alter the position. It should be noted that the weight given to pre-application advice notes will decline over time and that the Local Planning Authority dispose of pre-application records after three years. Therefore, pre-application records that are more than three years old will not hold any weight in the subsequent determination of related planning applications.”