Friday, November 3

  • Mighty Howlers​​, The Bullers, Looe
  • ​​​Lizzie Cornish,​​​ The Ship Inn​​, Looe
  • ​​​Joe Elvis, ​(Tribute Show) ​​​Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford

Saturday, November 4

  • ​​Mustard, The Bullers, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Rolling Tone, ​​​Social Club, Looe
  • ​​​Whiskey Falls, ​​​Social Club, Callington
  • ​​​The Boys,​​​​Social Club,​​​Tregonissey​​​​​
  • Hepcats,​​​​Copley Arms, Hessenford
  • ​​​Greg Suggitt, ​​​Social Club, Saltash (Comedian)

Sunday, November 5

  • Blue River,​​​​The Bullers, Looe
  • ​​​Christian Sleep,​​​ Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford

​​​​​Friday, November 10 

  • Robbie Sinclair​​​, JJs, ​​​​​Looe
  • ​Flexxxy Friday​​​, JJs, Liskeard
  • ​​​Vince Lee​​​​, The Bullers, Looe
  • ​​​BandEkoot!​​​​, The Ship,​​​ Looe
  • ​​​Levi Cruz,​​​​Copley Arms,​​ Hessenford

Saturday, November 11

  • Fully Amped,​​​ Social Club, Tregonissey
  • ​​​Shadow Play​​​, Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford
  • ​​​DJ Deeley & Moz, ​​JJs​​​​​, Looe
  • ​​​Shite Night, ​​​​The Bullers, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Simon Gee, ​​​​Social Club, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Stargazer, ​​​​Social Club, ​​​Saltash
  • ​​​Mind Your Manners, ​​Social Club, ​​​Callington

Sunday, November 12

  • ​Gareth Jones, ​​​Copley Arms​​, Hessenford
  • ​​​Cyderfex​​​​, The Bullers​​​, Looe
  • ​​​Melissa, ​​​​​The Globe​​​, Looe​​

Friday, November 17

  • Walk The Talk​​​, The Bullers​​​, Looe
  • ​​​Push Through,  ​​​The Ship, ​​​Looe

Saturday, November 18 

  • ​Holly Coles, ​​​​Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford
  • ​​​True Collision, ​​​The Bullers, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Katie J​​​​​, Social Club, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Mind Your Manners​​, Social Club, ​​​Tregonissey
  • ​​​Bottled Blondie, (Ticketed), ​​​​Social Club, Saltash
  • ​​​Lexis’s Disco, ​​​Social Club​​​, Callington
  • ​​​Beats & Burgers, ​​Bar Silo, ​​​Golant

Sunday, November 19

  • ​Quattro, ​​​​​The Bullers, Looe
  • ​​​The Guise, ​​​​Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford
  • ​​​Clatters, ​​​​​The Globe, ​​​Looe

​​​​Friday, November 24

  • ​Flexxxy Friday, ​​​JJs​​​​​, Looe
  • ​​​The Bubble,​​​​The Bullers, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Raikes​​​​​, The Ship, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Paul Armer, ​​​​Copley Arms​​, Hessenford​

Saturday, November 25

  • ​Ashley Harding, ​​​JJs​​​​​Liskeard
  • ​​​Dew Barf, ​​​​The Bullers, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Straight Fire, ​​​Social Club, ​​​Tregonissey
  • ​​​Cole & Ward​​​, Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford
  • ​​​Opium, ​​​​​Social Club, ​​​Saltash
  • ​​​Disco Night, ​​​​Social Club,  ​​Looe
  • ​​​Ashes to Ashes, ​​​Social Club, ​​​Callington
  • ​​​Cobra​​​​​, The Globe,  ​​​Looe

​​Sunday, November 26

  • Blu Soule, ​​​​The Bullers, ​​​Looe
  • ​​​Rue, ​​​​​Copley Arms, ​​Hessenford

 In Addition:-

The Tipsy Cow at Lanreath host an open mic afternoon between 3 & 6 pm on the 1st Sunday of every month.

Saltash Social Club have Karaoke every Sunday.

The Wheelers in Torpoint have live bands most Saturdays from 9.30pm.

If you want to be included in our monthly Gig Guide, please email [email protected]