As regular listeners & readers will know, we at Phluid love giving time to up-and-coming music acts/singers. Just last week we had local lass Kitty Crocker on Zoom during our live Thursday night show. 

 Kitty immediately comes across as genuinely nice and not one to blow her own trumpet, although she can sing, play guitar and piano! She comes from a musical background but not in the traditional sense of the word. Kitty says “music was always playing in my house, so from an early age I was picking up influences”, although Kitty originally started singing musical theatre and did grades in that for about 5 years. It was then that she realised that writing and singing in the rock/pop genre was were her real passion was. 

 This is the Q & A that we did with her:

 PR - Where are you from originally?

 KC - I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life ! I live in between Boscastle and Bude. 

 PR - How long have you been writing music for? Do you have a system for writing?

 KC - I’m still fairly new to songwriting as I only started at the end of 2021. I find this quite exciting more than anything as it means my best work now probably won’t be my best work in a years time! I write the lyrics and music simultaneously, usually on my acoustic guitar in the end room. I’ve tried to write lyrics on their own but for some reason I need the chords going round to think of anything substantial. 

 PR - What are your influences? What bands and artists do you admire?

 KC - My biggest influence is differently Kelly Jones from the band Stereophonics (and more recently his American/country band Far From Saints). My whole family are huge Stereophonics fans which is how I got into them. Kelly Jones’ voice is like nothing i’ve ever heard before and I really admire how relevant Stereophonics have stayed for 25+ years which I think is, among many other things, due to how recognisable and unique his voice is. I find myself writing in a soft rock genre like many ‘phonics songs and they’re my favourite to cover, so they’ve influenced me a lot. 

 PR - What other pastimes and hobbies do you have? And do you think that they help with your musical creativity in any way?

 KC - I found a love for reading in lockdown as I was doing so much on my laptop for school work etc. I think this has really helped with, of course, expanding my vocabulary which is helpful for all songwriters but also the way things are phrased and how sentences are crafted.

 PR - Describe your work in 3 words

 KC - I’d describe my music as truthful, reflective and relatable !

 PR - When can we catch you live?

 KC - I’m playing at Tunes in the Park festival on the 25th August which is my next big gig although i’ve got some more local ones coming up soon ! Check out my instagram to keep up to date with live dates !

 PR - Where can we find you on social media?

 KC - My instagram and Tiktok are @kittymusicc and my facebook page is ‘Kitty Music’. You can also find me on Spotify under ‘Kitty’.  

 PR - If you had the opportunity to play at one venue anywhere in the world, where would it be?

 KC - Of course performing in a huge stadium would be an opportunity I would love to have one day but over the years when seeing musicians and bands live there have been some really lovely venues that I love the idea of playing at. The first would be The Phoenix in Exeter as i’ve been there a few times and really love the feel it has. Another one would be a venue in Hackney, London called Earth Theatre. It’s a lovely, old converted cinema which just feels seeped in history. It’s one of the most interesting venues i’ve ever been to and wish it was closer to home ! The final one would have to be The Eden Project. I’ve seen Stereophonics there a few times now and I think the position is truly one of a kind. Artists seem to love playing there too, so would be an amazing local gig ! Sorry….that was more than one !!

 PR - If you had the chance to play with/support any band, which would it be?

KC - It won’t come as a surprise that it would have to be Stereophonics. Although Far From Saints would also be equal as they’re my favourite band right now, and smash it live !!

PR - Finally, any anecdotes that you can share with us?

 KC - This isn’t an anecdote, but the realisation that music (and the arts generally) is such a big part of everyone’s life. It really gives me hope and assurance it won’t ever go away, no matter what happens in the world, people will always use and need music. 

 Kitty is clearly a young lady with a great future in front of her, we hope to catch her again as she continues her musical journey.

 We then finished the Q&A by playing her new song Sucker Punch, which is currently available on Spotify.

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