For those that regularly listen, or dip in and out of any of the Phluid Records’ weekly broadcasts, you will have heard within the shows’ intros the words “broadcasting worldwide”.

With internet broadcasts, this is obviously the case. But how many radio shows with XM broadcasting have dedicated listeners abroad? And of those broadcasters, who engages and talks with musicians and artists from around the globe with the hope of bringing those artists to East Cornwall through Zoom. Answers on a postcard please. If you need a clue though, here it is...Phluid Records.

Having been a massive Jack Johnson fan for the last 20 years, and having seen Jack and the band live on two occasions, Neil, from the Wal of Paine show, still finds it bizarre to have personal Direct Message sessions with the band’s exceptional drummer and percussionist, Adam Topol. Adam works with some amazing musicians himself, two of which have featured regularly on the shows: Anthony Michael and Marina Vanoff. These artists in turn have worked with musicians and artists such as G. Love, Jeff Coffin from the Dave Mathews Band, and Leon Mobley, who in his turn has worked with Ben Harper.

With a vocalist hailing from Russia, the completely original band, Mad Meg are also a regular favourite of the Wal of Paine Show, again residing in America

All of these musicians hail from “Stateside” and we are privileged to be ‘followed’ by many of them on social media.

Turning our attentions to the opposite side of the globe, we find ourselves talking with Adelaide’s finest, “Heinous Crimes”. A four-piece outfit that just have the most unique and fascinating sound. Leo and Neil are proud to be sporting what we think are the only official band T-Shirts in the UK.

We recently spoke with Essex-based band, The Lucettas, and have found a mutual ‘band friend’ in the form of Veers, a five-piece from Los Angeles, who have also just started following Phluid on social media.

One of the things that we are proud of here at Phluid Heights, is trying to champion as many local bands, musicians and artists as we can. To give them airtime, video time and in some cases, live events to expand their audience, even if just a little.

We have also spoken with musicians up in the highlands and lowlands of Scotland; Willow Harp Trio and more recently the outstanding Kate McCabe (a featured artist not long ago in The Cornish Times).

To now have these fantastic international bands on board is quite incredible, and a little humbling.

There is so little space available to us in this column, that we can’t go into as much depth as we would like to do them any justice. Suffice to say, go and check them out yourselves.

For that reason, we are endeavouring to put together some pre-recorded zoom chats with as many of these bands as possible with our new “Global Vision” interviews.

Anthony Michael and Heinous Crimes, we hope, will be the first of many. Due to the time differences, these interviews may be a little sporadic, and we may have some sleepless nights trying to get them, but we think you will agree, it will be worth it.

For this week, however, we are very much back in the UK.

Join Mrs. Wal and Leo this Thursday from 7pm on the “Mrs.” Wal of Paine show, as they talk with Liverpool-based four-piece modern rock band, Soul Shayka.

Keep watching and listening, and thank you all for your continued support of our passion.

Phluid Records. Join the dialogue, not the narrative.