Almost half (48%) of Brits say missing out on their morning cup of tea sends their day to pot.

As a nation that has given tea its own national day, April 21, Brits are renowned for taking their brews seriously. However, new research commissioned by British plant-based milk brand MIGHTY, has shown just how seriously; with almost half (48%) of us saying that missing out on our morning brew determines whether the day goes to plan or to pot.

The research also uncovered that “tea fear” is a very real phobia with four in ten of us left feeling anxious about friends, family or colleagues making a brew just in case we don’t like it. This is made even more bamboozling for tea makers, with more than a third of us (39%) taking our tea differently depending on the occasion.

Tom Watkins, co-founder of MIGHTY, said:

“Being from Yorkshire, it’s no surprise that the course of a day depends on the perfect morning brew. It’s one of the most guarded bastions of our daily routine. Over the past 12 months we’ve developed our new M.lkology whole plant-milk to make it perfect for tea. You won’t taste the difference and its much kinder to the planet. Just don’t put the milk in first!”

So, what are the biggest crimes against tea and how can you fight the fear? For starters, serving it up in a cup instead of a mug is a major faux pas, ruining the tea moment for the majority of people (61%).

Other common tea crimes include too much milk (32%) , leaving the bag in (31%), not leaving the tea bag in long enough (27%), putting the milk first (27%), reheating it in the microwave (22%), and leaving the bag in too long (20%).  

MIGHTY M.lkology, has been created to help Brits make the switch to plant based milk in their brews and avoid committing any serious tea crimes. But the company’s mission goes beyond just making sure plant milk tastes great in tea, it is one of only two which hold a Mondra and Foundation Earth “A” score.

You can find the M.lkology range in Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s at an RRP £2.15/one-litre carton.