A SHOP in Plymouth has donated more than 200,000 meals to a charity fighting food poverty in Devon and Cornwall.  

Marks & Spencer in Plymouth and Crownhill are among many stores across the country taking part in the company’s food waste scheme in collaboration with Neighbourly. The scheme sees M&S Food Halls donate food surplus packages to charities in the UK throughout the year.

This month, the branches based in Plymouth have donated 228,208 meals to local charity, Devon & Cornwall Food Action.  

The charity saves goods which would otherwise be sent to landfill to donate, through local, means-tested organisations such as community housing projects, 'YMCA', 'Devon & Cornwall Police' and 'Frontline Veterans Support'. 

lan Dune, from Devon & Cornwall Food Action, said: “We’d like to thank M&S and Neighbourly for all their support. We constantly strive to provide necessary services across local communities and these donations are vital for us to continue to support the people who need it most.”