A woman from Looe has been inspired by her trips to Ghana through work and is now raising for money for school children in the country.  

Jessica Williams has lived in Looe her entire life and worked for British Airways as cabin crew for 10 years. 

Jessica began working for British Airways in 2016, making flights to Accra, the capital of Ghana. While spending time in Accra during layovers, Jessica met some children who attended a local school close to her hotel, many of which were orphans. From this, on each work trip to Accra, Jess would fly out suitcases of essential items for the children. 

After returning from a couple of years furlough, Jess was back on a plane and flying to Accra where she remembered about the school and the children. 

“I got in contact with Racheal who runs the school and went to charity shops near me, buying lots of bits as well as going through my wardrobe and my family’s,” she explained. 

However, during her time away the school had moved location after being destroyed. 

She said: “After I went back that time after furlough I couldn’t leave and not come back, the children are so grateful and sweet.” 

Jess is currently trying to raise money to help make improvements to the new location. 

“There are 150 children at the school aged from 1 to 14, the teachers are volunteers. I have been taking donations to the school when I can but sadly the school needs more help. 

“It costs the school around £50 a month to feed the children this gives the children two meals a day, for a lot of the children this is the only meal they will get. Most of the children have to be up early and collect water for their families before school starts and after school, many of them will have to work and have their families prove an income in any way possible.” 

Jess hopes to raise £600 which will cover the cost of food for a whole year. Currently, her GoFundMe page stands at £560. 

She is also asking for local people to donate spare essentials such as; hand sanitizer, clothes of all sizes, school uniform, school bags/pencil cases, shoes of all sizes, ladies and boys undergarments for all sizes as long as clean, sanitary products, school supplies (pens, notepads etc),  toys and teddies. 

Jess said: “I hope with this money raised it will help the school grow and as a community, they will be able to support more families.” 

She plans to continue taking donations out to the school as long as she flys to the location. 

“I try and get a trip every couple months through work and normally take about seven suit cases full with me. It’s an amazing experience and so heartwarming, I was going through a tough time with depression then I went and honestly it put every into perspective for me. Gave me meaning. 

“I would love to set up something with local school so children can learn about a different country and their cultures, and hopefully the school would help with fundraisers and make pen pals with the children in Accra.” 

To donate visit gofund.me/6eca594f