‘Oars Of Thunder’, a team comprised of dedicated crew members Harry, Kim, Sally and Nat from the Looe Gig Rowing Club, have announced their ambitious goal of rowing 3,000 miles for charity.

The crew recently acquired their ocean rowing boat, an Rannoch R45 called Catch of the Day, from Burnham On Crouch in Essex. Catch of the Day, a seasoned vessel, had just returned from an impressive victory in the 2022 Worlds’ Toughest Row Atlantic crossing, where her crew, Row Full Throttle, triumphed in the open all women’s crew race, completing the arduous journey in a remarkable 40 days, seven hours, and 18 minutes.

The Oars of Thunder crew is now preparing to compete in the upcoming 2024 World’s Toughest Row Atlantic crossing race, and the acquisition of Catch of the Day marks a significant milestone in their journey towards the start line in La Gomera, Tenerife.

The race entails an extraordinary 3,000-mile route from La Gomera to Antigua and is expected to challenge the participants for a duration of 35 to 50 days. To meet the entry requirements, the crew members are diligently undertaking a series of mandatory courses, encompassing ocean rowing, navigation, sea survival, and first aid at sea.

As they gear up for this extraordinary feat, Team Oars Of Thunder is actively seeking sponsorship and engaging in fundraising initiatives to support the valuable work of the RNLI. Oars Of Thunder will be conducting their preparations in the familiar waters of Looe bay. Residents and visitors of Looe may have the opportunity to witness the crew in action as they navigate and train aboard Catch of the Day.

As they diligently prepare for the upcoming 2024 Worlds’ Toughest Row Atlantic crossing race, the team invites the community to show their support and encouragement during their training sessions in Looe bay.

During the crossing, Oars of Thunder will execute an astonishing number of oar strokes, exceeding 1.5-million in total. To put this incredible endeavour into perspective, more people typically summit Mount Everest in a given year than row across the Atlantic. Each crew member will need to consume over 5,000 calories per day to maintain their strength, with an average weight loss of 8kg anticipated for each individual. Their daily calorie intake will consist of a mixture of dehydrated food packets, wet food packets, and various snacks, including flapjacks and salted nuts.

Furthermore, the crew members must consume 10 litres of water per day, which will be generated through a water maker capable of converting sea water into potable water for drinking and washing. Additionally, they will carry 10 days’ worth of emergency packets of water. Navigating colossal waves that can reach up to 20 feet in height, the rowers face the constant risk of capsizing.

However, Catch of the Day is equipped with self-righting capabilities to mitigate this danger. This gruelling journey demands both physical and mental fortitude, and meticulous preparation is key to the team’s ultimate success.

Follow their progress by visiting www.oarsofthunder.co.uk