A young actor from Looe says it is heartwarming to see his hometown on screen, while he prepares to feature on our screens later this year. 

Josh Parker, is an actor based in Looe who has featured in a number of television series, including GraceVera and most recently Django. Speaking about his experiences filming, Josh explained: “It’s very good fun, I really want to go back to do Season Two of Django!

“Because of where I’m from, working with big directors and stars, it’s all very humbling!”

After struggling to find an area of interest in Cornwall, Josh ‘fell’ into and acting and landed on his feet. Val Cottrell and Fiona Morozow at Looe Youth theatre helped him get head start career, playing a key role in his journey. Josh went on to study acting at Cornwall College in St Austell and was soon accepted into the Drama Centre, London

Despite having now worked on some big productions, Josh doesn’t plan to stop here. Speaking to the Cornish Times, he said: “I’ve got a few projects projects lined up this year, a few things I cant talk about just yet; I’ve got a horror film, a western and the new series of Unforgotten. 

“There is also a few things which aren’t all signed off on yet but it’s safe to say I’m very busy!”

However, with the recent release of new series Beyond Paradise, Josh’s hometown is also set to star on our screens. Talking about seeing Looe become the home to a new production, Josh said: "It’s heartwarming to see Looe, given that it’s known for its tourism and fishing, its become a bit of a diamond in the rough and it is heartwarming to see it on screen!”