THE Police and Crime Commissioner has discussed opening a police enquiry desk in Liskeard with support of local councillors.

Alison Hernandez met with Cornwall councillor for Liskeard Nick Craker, Cornwall councillor for Liskeard South and Dobwalls, Jane Pascoe, and Cornwall councillor for Liskeard central ward, Julian Smith as well as a members of the local policing team who have been requesting a police enquiry office at the station for a number of years. 

Ms Hernandez looks to announce the re-opening of four front desks in the counties over the next month. 

Ms Hernandez said: “I’ve reopened Looe already in the local area, do you (the public) think Liskeard should be opened too?”

Cllr Nick Craker commented: “Policing and community safety really matters in Liskeard and is taken incredibly seriously by myself and the town council. We have been campaigning for more visibility from our police for some time. The message has now been heard loud and clear by Alison Hernandez, our Police and Crime Commissioner, that Liskeard wants its police station front desk to open. 

“To be fair to the current commissioner she has listened and agreed to work with us in Liskeard. While some towns saw police stations close altogether, Liskeard was one of the minority to have a brand-new station built a few years back. It’s important to us to see that public front desk open.

“I hear from residents all the time who have struggled to report crime or pass on information by 101, or would prefer to talk to somebody face to face. I am hopeful that the strong strength of feeling in Liskeard being so well known, and the helpful support of Alison Hernandez, we will get a police front desk opened in Liskeard.”

Jane Pascoe, Cornwall Councillor for Liskeard South and Dobwalls, is also in full support of a desk.

Cllr Pascoe said: "I have heard of many incidents, some serious where it has been difficult for victims to report to the Police in a timely manner. The Liskeard Police Station services a large rural hinterland with a population of over 30,00. 

"Rural crimes do take place in many forms. It can be dangerous dogs, theft, intimidation, ASB,  drug related offences, abuse, dangerous driving, road safety issues and residents in these outlying areas do not always have access to the internet or even the devices to use it.

"It will be reasonable and helpful for a front desk to be at Liskeard Station.

"If the public support this request, please let us know by phone, email or facebook. The more support the more likely we will achieve it."