Well, I have to say, she didn’t disappoint!

Last week I interviewed Cornish Author Sue Dobson the, in her words, ordinary local lady who just happened to be a Soviet-trained spy for the banned African National Congress (ANC) Party in 1980s Apartheid-rule South Africa.

Speaking live in the Liskeard Radio Studio Sue described how she was trained to handle serious hardware, including an AK47 assault rifle, grenades, landmines and other military weaponry.

Thankfully it was her intelligence and surveillance training that was employed during her time ‘in the field’

As a trained journalist Sue infiltrated a number of news and government agencies in an effort to gather intelligence on their illegal efforts to suppress independence voting in, firstly Namibia, and then South Africa itself.

Due to the communication limitations of the 80s, as opposed to the hi-tech of today, many of the operational decisions Sue made were off her own initiative without consultation with her handlers.

In particularly she described the opportunity to involve herself in a ‘honey-trap’ relationship with the Police Colonel responsible for a team of officers who ruthlessly sought out those looking to support the ANC movement at that time.

Opportunities to gather the information were taken as they arose however the one opportunity she did wrestle with was whether to eliminate him, with his own gun, as he slept next to her!

Her book ‘Burned’ The Spy South Africa didn’t catch! is a fascinating and often disturbing read that goes on to outline her frantic escape across South Africa when her family connections with the ANC were revealed, at times her pursuers being just a couple of streets behind her.

The interview, which already has over 500 views on social media, was recorded live in the studio and can be found on our Liskeard Radio facebook page and other social media platforms mixcloud, YouTube and twitter.

New LIVE Show

Stalwart presenter Ken Strange has received a number of requests recently to include more country music in his regular live shows, so much so that he will extend his studio time on a Friday afternoon to dedicate an hour to this popular genre.

Catch Ken from 2pm with his ‘Back to the 60s Show’ followed by his new ‘Country Record Round Up’ at 4pm.

Liskeard Lights Up - December 9

As promised, at the meeting of the team last week, further information about this exciting event was confirmed.

Plans are in full swing for a day of Festive Fun in Liskeard on Saturday, December 9 including the welcome return of the lantern parade.

During the day there will be lots of great events to get you in the festive mood including a Christmas Tree Festival, Craft Fairs, Santa’s Grotto and our free Family Cornish Christmas Trail which ends with a Cakey Tea Treat for all at the Library.

Liskeard Radio will be setting up outside Webbs House at around 4pm providing music and commentary throughout the afternoon and evening together with local resident interviews and live radio broadcast.

At 5.30pm there will be a Masquerade Lantern Parade before the Christmas tree Lights are switched on. This will be followed by some stunning projection mapping on the library and music and dancing under the Cattle Market canopy.

At least thirty local traders will be staying open until 7.30pm encouraging visitors to ‘make a day of it’ and do some Christmas shopping at the same time.

This is just a snapshot of the festivities and content so please refer to the Liskeard Cornish Christmas Facebook page for regular updates

The main town lights will be switched on this coming Saturday, 25th November AND the recently announced, and widely popular, town centre car parking discount scheme will continue into the new year.

Santa at The Fat Frog

Marc and Jo invite you to come along and see Father Christmas at this popular cafe in Market Street between 11am and 4pm on both Saturday, December 9 and December 16.

Just £5 per child will include seeing Santa, a present, a milkshake and raffle ticket.

We Ho-Ho-Hope you can make it!!