THE 112th Open Show took place on Saturday, August 5, in the Parish Hall at Upton Cross with a good attendance to enjoy browsing the colourful and interesting exhibits.

President and Chairman Heather Philp welcomed everyone and congratulated all who had managed to produce such good vegetables and floral displays, having had to deal with such inclement weather conditions this year.

She said, too, how it was pleasing to see new members joining the committee to enable the society to continue.

Unfortunately, Honorary member Barbara Hoare was unable to fulfil the duty to open the Show so Heather welcomed a previous Chairman, Anthony Daniel, to fulfil the duty.

Anthony said that he has had connections with the Show from a young age and through the years his love of gardening has grown with the addition of flower arranging, including for weddings.

He spoke of his many experiences including some very amusing tales, and before declaring the Show open he hoped that it would continue for many more years to come.

Vice chairman Michelene Norris also spoke of the various activities that had taken place this year followed by the presentation of the prize winners by Anthony Daniel.

The Perpetual Cup – Most points in the Show: Becky Payne.

H G Rich Perp. Cup – Best Exhibit in the vegetable classes: Helen Gribble.

Owen Shovel Cup – Most points in the vegetable section: Becky Payne.

W J Bartlett Trophy – A collection of six sorts of vegetables: Growing Better Gardens.

Marrow Trophy – Longest marrow: Michelene Norris.

W G Hoskin Perp. Cup –Novice Section: Becky Payne.

Mary Daniel Perp. Cup – Most points in Flower Arranging: Anthony Daniel.

Delta Sobey Cup – Best Exhibit in Flower Arranging: Anthony Daniel.

Gordon Rich Perp. Cup –Most points in Flower Section: Growing Better Gardens.

Mary Sargent Perp. Cup – Best Exhibit in Flower Section: Valerie Lampen.

Elsie Davy Perp. Cup – A Planted Container: Isabelle Gribble.

L Morcom Perp. Cup – Best Adult Photograph: Beryl Daniel.

T Gimblett Perp. Trophy – Best Children’s Photograph: Charlotte Rollason.

Trophy – Most points in Photography Section: Natalie Gingell

Jennifer Bastard Perp. Cup – Most points in the Handicraft Section: Sally Gisborne.

The Tucker Trophy – Best Exhibit in the Handicraft Section: Trish Stiles.

Sheila Kittow Perp.Cup – Most points in Cookery Section: Sally Ellicott.

W Doney Cookery Cup –Children’s Cookery, 11 years and under: Ava Hick.

R Doney Cup – Junior Cookery – 12-16 years: Isabelle Doney.

The Saunders Family Cup – Most points in the show – 12yrs & over: Isabelle Doney.

The Children’s Perp. Cup –The Best item of Art or Craft: Reuben Davy.

Head Teacher’s Award – Art & written work, 11 years and under for Most Points in the Show: Willow Burton.

Eric Doney Memorial Shield for Young Gardeners: Marya Payne.

Playgroup Perp. Cup – four years and under for Most Points in Show: Willow Burton.

Craig Fisher Shield – Any child entry selected by Mrs Sandra Fisher: Lily Nash.

Best Allotment & Parish Council Trophy: Jan & Simon Parker.

Best Newcomer’s Allotment: Joy Dent.

Best Hanging Basket: Jackie Benson.

Tallest Sunflower: Ian Bassett.

Best Scarecrow: Elsie and Ava Hick and family.

The Allotmenteers are to be congratulated this year for the high standards they have achieved in the face of two unusually potent difficulties, writes Louise Hopes.

First, the global problem of climate change which sent us a drought in the early part of the growing season. Everyone struggled to water their plants but no amount of human effort can compensate for a good downpour now and again. Then the weather gods made up for it with a vengeance, sending continuous rain and no sunshine for weeks.

At the same time there appears to have been a migration to the allotments from Watership Down and the immigrants have managed to breach all kinds of defences in order to wreak havoc on tender young plants.

The judges were tempted to introduce a Mr McGregor award for the plot which had fed the most bunnies.

Despite this, the allotments are full of mouth-watering produce and the judges were impressed with the overall consistent levels of fertility, variety and productivity.

It would be most unfair to award places to all the very good plots. All their owners have worked incredibly hard and deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

One allotment, however, was outstanding and managed to combine all the properties the judges were looking for in one place and they were unanimous in awarding the first prize and the Parish Council Trophy to Jan and Simon Parker.

Skill and imagination has made their plot a very special place. Next door to them, Joy Dent has made a splendid start and she gets a prize for The Best Newcomer.

The judges love seeing all the different interpretations of what an allotment should or could be. They enjoy the progression they see from year to year. They struggle to get all the way round without tasting a raspberry or two.

Onward and upward allotmenteers. You have our unstinting admiration.