The Cornish Times received a letter, it said:

"One of the benefits of a local paper like yours is that the community, as individuals, has the opportunity to share information and points about local events and points of contention, including praise and criticism. 

"Unlike social media, what you publish is a more permanent record. 

"I was impressed with the content, balance and argument put forward in the letter regarding the Saltash Town Council Civic Service of Remembrance. 

"Saltash is blessed with several sizeable churches, and it is surely only fair to rotate the Remembrance Service venue as was the case. 

"There is no doubt that St Stephen’s, our ‘Mother Church’ is the largest. This was confirmed during the COVID period when research into numbers was necessary, indeed essential, to be sure of how many people could be accommodated. Peripheral accommodation like sports halls should not count. 

"It was noticeable that the Wesley has not been full recently for the Service, and as the last one those without invitations were even asked to move from behind the sliding doors area to the main part of the church to fill empty seats! So size is not a reason to use the Wesley Church exclusively. 

"Neither is the need for a parade, even though a parade can and has been held in the past at the other churches. Our parade is not as dignified as the National one at the Cenotaph, with its medalled and bereted ‘veterans’. 

"I am surprised that the respective Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) have not made representation about this. Now that the matter has been raised — and rightly so — if those PCCs and Saltash Town Council do not take notice of the points raised, to help ensure that the venue for our Civic Service of Remembrance is shared fairly as it used to be."

Name and address supplied