The Cornish Times received a letter from Graham Wills. It said:

"Following your recent article on local Millbrook residents feeling cut off by the recent changes to bus services this has now been exacerbated by the recent proposal to increase these tolls less than a year since the last increase. 

"Frankly I am staggered by this proposal at a time when locals are feeling hard pressed financially and I am surprised there has not been a greater outcry. I have written to Mr Last about his proposal and suggested radical alternatives but they have been batted away with talk of changes requiring legislation and citing the Ukraine war as the reason for the latest increase.

"We hear a lot about “levelling up” and Cornwall`s proven levels of poverty are crying out for some tangible evidence of it`s existence.

"My radical proposals are 1) Scrap the tolls thus easing the burden on hard pressed locals and removing a notorious bottleneck on one of the only two major roads into Cornwall or 2) Scrap the tolls for those with local postal codes and increase the tolls for others particularly for caravans and motor homes to say £50. After all we think nothing of paying double that for parking at Exeter or Bristol airports.

"If legislation is required bring it on!"