The Cornish Times recvied a letter from Barry Brooking in Saltash. It said:

"Remembrance time has now been observed, and as usual has been done well in Saltash. 

"It is particularly important to those of us who come from several generations of our community and who have lost family members and comrades on active service. 

"However, may I with respect , and in terms of fairness, suggest that Saltash Town Council re-consider holding the annual Civic Service of Remembrance exclusively at the Saltash Wesley Methodist Church. 

"This is certainly not a criticism of that organisation. It is a fine Church doing fine work. But some years ago many of us will remember the Remembrance Service, through custom and practice, was rotated each year among the four major churches: St. Stephens, St Nicholas and Faith, the Baptist and Saltash Wesley. This was not only fair, but acknowledged to some extent that ‘the fallen’ included those from many faiths and denominations. Then it was changed. I suppose the local R C Church was considered too small and geographically difficult for the event. 

"Apart from the fairness aspect, the rota enabled local people like me to attend a remembrance service at a church where our forefathers had once worshipped. That does not and cannot now happen because of the Council’s changed policy. I cannot remember our being told. 

"I have brought up this matter a number of times with our local councillors, but to no avail. I now feel compelled to record my concern, particularly because of the justifications I have been given. 

"I have been told the Wesley Church is our biggest church. It is not. In any case, it has not been full recently. 

"I have been told that the Wesley Church is the only church with a projection facility for showing names of ‘the fallen’. It is not. In any case, I would not regard this as essential, as long as the names of those whom we honour are read out.

"I have been told that the Wesley Church is the only church that can ‘host’ a parade. This is not true. Parades have been held when other Churches have hosted the Service. While acknowledging that a Fore Street parade does have the highest profile, I would argue that remembering is more about the act of remembrance and reading out the names of our ‘fallen’spread fairly across our local churches, rather than the holding of a parade."