The Cornish Times received a letter from Dr Trevor Aughey in Hatt, Saltash. It said:

"Sheryll Murray’s comments on the climate crisis (MP responds to criticism - October 4) are both revealing and worrying. 

"Firstly she claims that the UK’s share of global emissions is less than 1%. This correctly refers to the direct emissions originating from the UK but ignores the emissions embodied in our huge level of imports that come largely from China and India. It also fails to recognise that the UK has contributed a cumulative 3% of historical emissions. Given that UK contains 0.8% of the global population we cannot present ourselves as paragons in the fight against climate change. 

 "She also claims that she is more concerned about the overall picture and the economic impact on her constituents rather than taking a selective view based on ideology. She should recognise that Conservatism is a selective view based on ideology, an ideology that has benefited the rich and powerful at the expense of her constituents, particularly as the recent u-turns will benefit polluters more than voters."