The Cornish Times received a letter from Dr Marlene Bowden PHF. It said:

"I write to you as a resident of Fowey (34 years) stating my dismay at the proposed removal of the bus stop at the top of Brown’s Hill to Hanson Drive.

"I understand this is because of slightly larger bus vehicles and the difficulty drivers may have in reversing to the bus stop and second, risk of serious injury.

"The latter point can easily be dealt with since there have been no serious injuries there over the past 50 yrs plus - so why now?"

"Second, I’ve witnessed the larger buses reversing and if it’s taken slowly with reversing skill, which most drivers are capable of, I cannot agree that in a relatively non- congested area where everyone is aware that there is a bus stop that an accident will happen. 

"Now the reasons for the bus stop remaining:

"Walking from the top of Brown’s Hill to Hanson Drive is a ‘lethal walk’ because of the gradient of the slope both uphill and  downhill plus the fact that there’s an almost blind corner. One fatal car accident has occurred there and you’re asking the public living in the centre of Fowey, the Alms Houses, Green Lane, Vicarage Meadow plus Briar field to attempt this walk if they wish to use the bus.

"Local businesses have already stated the damage that moving the bus stop might do to their trade  but what about the dark nights and young, vulnerable people having to get off the bus in a secluded spot in Hanson Drive! A parent’s nightmare!

"I thought government policies by all parties was to engage the public into using public transport in our fight to have a better climate so isn’t this time to rethink. If you are one of those that has supported this decision try doing the walk from the town and other places that I’ve mentioned - it is not easy especially if you’re elderly and I think this decision has been made without much thought to those who rely on a bus for work, shopping or a social day out.

"I would appreciate a reply to my concerns."