The Cornish Times received a letter from Sally Sweeney in Lostwithiel, it said:

"The Liberal Democrat column last week was full of what that party would do to the vested interests of the fossil fuel industry if they were in power. These statements are easy to make when there is no chance that your party will actually be in power. 

"The Labour Party, who the polls indicate will have the huge responsibility of governing the country after the next election, must be more realistic and transparent about what will be possible, given the broken economy they will inherit from the Tories.

"Last time they were actually in government, as part of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government, the Lib/Dems enabled the Tories to impose austerity on the public sector – a policy whose dire consequences can be seen today in our struggling NHS and other essential public services.

"Trust in government can only be re-built if parties put fully costed policies to the electorate, and ask for their vote in order to deliver on those promises."