The Cornish Times received an email from Susannah Walker, Co-founder, Make Space for Girls, is said:

"I am writing to you in response to Make Space for Girls new Parkwatch report which for the first time reveals the full extent of how teenage girls are designed out of parks. 

"The results are quite shocking.  Over 90% of those using the most commonly provided teenage facilities in parks are boys and young men.  Girls and young women are left with nowhere to go. 

"We know that councils are short of money right now, but a lot of the facilities that teenage girls would like to see – swings, social seating and trampolines for example  - are actually cheaper than the facilities that they currently provide.

"And we also know that no one has created this situation deliberately.  But now we understand just how much teenage girls are designed out of public spaces, we can’t go back.  If there is one message that we take from the Parkwatch report, this has to be that it’s time for a change."