Students at Dobwalls Primary School may have only been back a few weeks, but they have been learning while out and about in the community.

Year 2 have visited Dartmoor Zoo as part of their topic titled ‘Going on a safari’. They participated in an educational workshop and a tour focusing on African animals which was very informative and the children asked great questions to find out more. A spokesperson said: “A great day enjoyed by one and all.”

Year 4’s Tamar class travelled across the Tamar Bridge to visit The Box in Plymouth. The children made great use of their secret skills to be undercover journalists during the Plymouth Blitz and looked at a range of artefacts. Asking and exploring questions, as well as making connections were key to helping them find out what was going on and some of the secrets the government tried to hide from the public.

They were then lucky enough to explore a variety of the exhibitions currently in The Box.

Whilst there, Charlotte explained her role as learning facilitator, where she is regularly able to share her wide historical knowledge with others. She also opened the children’s eyes to other possibilities within The Box such as curators and exhibition organisers. The spokesperson added: “Such an inspiring and insightful day for one and all.”

Finally, the school made a visit to the local Dobwalls Church for a harvest celebration.

“It was such a lovely Harvest Festival - a great story and it’s always a pleasure to sing in the Church. Brilliant for all to be out and about extending and enriching our curriculum,” said Kathryn Pipe, headteacher.