On Tuesday, July 19, Launceston Town Council is excited and delighted to announce that it will be welcoming The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall to a special Royal Market in the Town Square, when the Royal couple will be treated to a proper Cornish welcome.

The Town Council, supported by local event management company Miss Ivy Events will be staging a very special market to mark the occasion and showcase the very best that Cornwall has to offer. From giftware by talented artisan crafters to local produce, including honey, crepes and even a Gin bar, there’ll be an array of goods, and food and drink for the Royal guests to sample.

Meanwhile children from local schools will perform the inaugural ‘Lanson Dons’ whilst local saxophonist Split Notes, and opera singer Cordelia Nuttall provide sublime live music entertainment.

The Royal couple will arrive at 10.45am and stay until 11.15am meeting and chatting to traders and locals alike.

The Mayor, Cllr Leighton Penhale said: “During The Duke of Cornwall’s 70th anniversary year, Their Royal Highnesses will visit Launceston where His Royal Highness was proclaimed The Duke of Cornwall in 1973, and Launceston Town Council are delighted to be welcoming Their Royal Highnesses to our town.

On the day, everyone will be welcome to join the fun and, who knows, perhaps even meet the Duke and Duchess in person.