There’s just one week to go until voters head to the polls for the General Election.

If you plan to vote on July 4, make sure you bring your photo ID and if you need help, just ask a member of staff when you arrive at the polling station. 

We will be in attendance at the count bringing you the results as they happen.

Here’s some handy information to help voters know what to expect on polling day.  

Where is my polling station?

Your poll card will tell you where to find your polling station. Make sure you check the information on your poll card as your polling station might have changed since the last elections.

You can also check your polling station by typing your postcode into Cornwall Council’s polling station finder.

You must vote at the polling station you have been assigned.

What time are polling stations open?

All polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm.

Voters who have opted to vote by post must return their postal ballot pack by 10pm on July 4. If you don’t have time to return it by post, you can hand it in to your local polling station. 

Who can vote?

You must be 18 or over and be registered to vote.

What if I need help?

If you need help to cast your vote at a polling station, you can take someone with you to assist you or ask the presiding officer for help.

There will be large print versions of the ballot paper available and a tactile voting device to help blind and partially sighted voters complete their ballot paper at all polling stations.

If voters require support, the presiding officer can read out the candidates’ names and help the voter mark the ballot paper.

If you require any additional support to help you vote, voters can contact Cornwall Council’s elections team on 01872 324196 or email [email protected]

What ID can I use?

To vote at a polling station you must take your photo ID with you.

Accepted forms of ID include:

•    Passport

•    Driving licence

•    Government issued older or disabled person’s bus pass

•    Blue Badge

•    Defence Identity Card

•    Identity card bearing the Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (a PASS card)

The full list of accepted ID is available on the Electoral Commission’s website.

You can still use your photo ID if it's out of date, as long as it looks like you. The name on your ID should be the same name you used to register to vote.

Do I need to bring my own pen?

Pens are provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you would like to.

Can I take selfies or other photos while I’m voting?

You shouldn’t take photos inside the polling station as it might put the secrecy of the ballot at risk.

You are more than welcome to take photos outside the polling station and share them on social media to encourage your friends and family to vote.

Can I take my friend/partner/children/parents?

You can go along to the polling station with whomever you like, but only those registered to vote at that station (and children) will be able to go inside.

You must not be accompanied into the polling booth by another adult, unless you have a disability, in which case you can take someone in to help you, or you can ask one of the polling station staff for their help.

Children are welcome at polling stations. While your child must not mark the ballot paper for you, you will be allowed to take them into the polling booth with you.

Who am I voting for?

There are six constituencies in Cornwall and one MP will be elected to represent each of them.

You can see all the candidates standing in your constituency on the Cornwall Council website

Where can I find the results?

Don’t forget we will have all the results as they happen after the polls close on Thursday night and reaction to the big stories on Friday, July 5.