Nothing is all bad and whilst the hot weather exhausted the organisers of St Dominick Autumn Show, and some competitors, it enabled a last minute gazebo to stand safely outside without blowing over.

The turnout on September 9 was very high again so the potplants were safely shown out there, as was a giant pumpkin grown by Jim Cutler, which, after discussion, he had to leave in its wheelbarrow.

Vegetable entries were down a little, not surprising with the weather, as was the adult art, but very much improved in number of entries were the handicraft and floral art sections.

Prizes were presented by Mr and Mrs Brian and Christine Jones, who have supported the show for many years, as indeed they support many organisations in St Dominick.

Main prize-winners were: Samantha Rayner who was overall show winner, Jim Cutler runner up, Mike Hawes, Lorraine Dodge, Sandie Wills, Brian Morrish, Alison Bonney, Diana Greene, Chris Clarke, Denis Harding, Janet Lindsay, Sally Lovejoy, Karen Austin, Brian Bowley, Lowenna Walton, Lerryn Green, Freddie Beswetherick, Emi Clews, Esther Lai-Hung and Faith Bond.

A spokesperson said: “Huge thanks are extended to all the judges, stewards, refreshment helpers, transporters, erectors and dismantlers, indeed all those who helped in any way at all, and of course the competitors. See you all next September!”