PLANS to redevelop part of a South East Cornwall care home could see it gain 11 extra bedrooms.

The operators of Appleby Lodge, in Callington, say that the constructions of single and two-storey extensions to their existing care home are required to help fulfil the demand on care places in Cornwall.

In addition to the creation of 11 more bedrooms, Appleby Rest Homes Limited also wish to create additional communal accommodation at the property.

The applicants told Cornwall Council that they wished to create additional en-suite bedrooms at the property, stating: “There is strong demand within the local area for more bedrooms including referrals from Cornwall Council and the applicant believes that existing infrastructure and communal facilities can support additional residents. It is also desired to provide more rooms with ensuite facilities, which few bedrooms currently have.”

There is currently one objection to the planning application, from a nearby resident who said the plans would overlook their property and reduce its value as a result.

Jon and Tracy Britton submitted an objection to the proposal, stating: “We have been informed by one of our neighbours (not the Council) of this planning application.

“This development would have bedroom windows directly overlooking the entire rear of our presently completely unoverlooked property.

“We also do not want to look directly into other people’s bedrooms.

“We feel this development would massively impact us and devalue our property. This would also be the case for both of our neighbours so we must strongly object to this development.

“We are also concerned about light pollution which would be very apparent at night-time and facing directly towards us.”

Callington Town Council gave conditional support to the development, adding: “Callington Town Council agreed to approve the application on the condition of the following items: Consultation with the neighbours.

“To ensure there is adequate car parking space for visitors during the extension including adequate space for construction vehicles.

“To ensure that the Planning Officer is happy with the access and egress of said construction vehicles during the extension period. Lastly, to note the increase of parking spaces required after the extension is complete.”

The site, which is believed to fall within the land associated with the 18th and 19th century Redmoor Mine, could require further contamination assessment if the plans are approved.

In their planning consultation response, the Public Protection Contaminated Land Planning Consultations team said that the land potentially has contamination from heavy metal and asbestos containing materials (ACM).

An accompanying mining report concluded: “We are unable to give a categoric assurance that the property is free of potential mining related risk. We consider that further action is required in respect of the property.”

The plans are viewable under PA24/00329 on the Cornwall Council planning portal.