THE Liskeard Quiet Connections meeting will take place at The Public Hall on Wednesday (7pm to 9pm).

The group is for adults of all ages who are quieter, more introverted or are experiencing social anxiety, and allows them to discover new friendships, stretch their comfort zone a little and so much more.

Eleanor Zalick, who runs the group, said: “Our regular Quiet Meet Up groups are a safe space for those of us who are quieter and feel anxious in social situations. In becoming part of our quiet community, you’ll feel a sense of belonging and develop a genuinely understanding peer support network, making new friends and supporting each other as you stretch your comfort zones and grow together.

“It’s okay to talk, and it’s okay to be quiet too. We understand that you may prefer to ease into conversation gradually, or that some days you might like to sit quietly with a good book whilst still in the company of others. We welcome quietude and chatter.

“We encourage you to go at your own pace. There’s never any pressure to participate more than what feels right and good for you.

“You can observe first. Want to get a feel for the group or an activity before deciding you want to have a go? Great, you absolutely can do that!

“We provide conversation starters on the tables. Because we know that getting to know new people can be challenging! So we’ve done the tricky part for you, and provided some interesting (and playful) questions that you can ask your neighbour.

We run optional activities each week. From wellbeing, to creativity, to practising your social abilities. There’ll be something new for you to have a go at, stretch your comfort zone and help grow your confidence. And you can bring your own books, crochet etc. along too!

“There’s teas, coffee’s and hot chocolates. Because, well you can’t really have a meet up without them!”

Just turn up on the evening or visit