Travelodge has targeted Cornwall local authorities to help unlock regeneration opportunities to and grow the region’s cities and towns. 

The group has a requirement to open four new Travelodge hotels across Cornwall including in Bude and Fowey. 

Travelodge, one of the UK’s largest hotel brands, which operates nearly 600 hotels, has written to 220 Local Authorities across Britain including local councils in Cornwall, proposing a joint development partnership which they say can act as a catalyst to stimulate regeneration and facilitate further growth. 

Travelodge already operates seven hotels across Cornwall and has a requirement to open a further four hotels in Bude, Fowey, Penzance and Falmouth/Newquay/St Ives.

The letter sent to the three Local Authorities representing the target locations outlines the role that Travelodge says it has been playing for the last 10 years in supporting local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland by: 

  • Being a key player in their local regeneration and growth programmes 
  • Creating jobs/careers within the local community and helping parents return to work 
  • Attracting new visitors to the area and boosting the local economy 
  • Providing a solid long-term income stream for the Local Authority as they have invested in the development of the Travelodge hotel and are the landlord          

The letter also includes a direct call to action on how Travelodge can do the same for other Local Authorities that it does not currently work with - and collectively support Britain’s recovery.     

Travelodge has identified that it can expand its UK hotel network with a further 300 target locations for new hotels across the UK, and is offering Local Authorities the opportunity to have one or multiple hotels within their region to support their regeneration programmes. 

For over 120 towns, such as Ripon, Lichfield and Cromer, it could be an opportunity to have its first branded hotel – which could revolutionise its local economy.              

This expansion programme could represent an investment of around £3 billion for third party investors and create over 9,000 new jobs across the UK. 

Steve Bennett, Travelodge chief property and development officer, said: “In the current climate, Local Authorities are under extreme pressure to invest in their economy and support regeneration projects. 

“This is why we have written to three Local Authorities across Cornwall to offer our support as we have a requirement to open four Travelodge hotels across the region. Our target locations include Penzance, St Ives, Fowey and Bude. 

“This expansion programme could represent a multi-million investment for third party investors and create 100 new jobs. 

“In addition, our research shows that, on average, Travelodge customers will spend at least double their room rate with local businesses during their stay.”