While Christmas music isn’t really a thing that we do much of at NCB Radio (although keep an eye for our schedules over December, as we have been known to do stuff like Christmas number ones), we thought we’d use our column inches to look at some of the crimbo calamities which reached the chart.

Please don’t think our lack of mention for the malignant monstrosity of Ladbaby means we like it.

We really don’t, and we’re remaining hopeful that something else gets the chart this year, because we regard their sausage roll themed terror in the same way we regard Coldplay. We’re convinced playing of Ladbaby in any public forum is a war crime. But that’s just us.

All we’ll say is absolutely give money to the Trussell Trust for foodbanks, but please do that by donating directly or giving to your local foodbank. Let something else be number one. That cat who has released a single. The Krackpots. Anything but that or Coldplay.

Anyway, as you begin preparing for the festive season and in a week where municipal electrical bills go through the roof as towns and villages everywhere turn on their Christmas lights, we look back at a true festive horror.

It is thirty years ago this year since a genuine monstrosity, almost as bad as the aforementioned Ladbaby, was unleashed on the ears of the world. Allegedly, it is in a musical form, and we simply ask those who bought music in 1993- what the hell were you thinking?

It is an assault on the ears, looped with sounds of Mr Blobby repeating his name. Of course, we know that Noel’s house party was big at the time, indeed in the mid to late 90’s, the character ‘made appearances’ at Dobwalls Adventure Park, where there were times where Blobby would throw soft things around a room full of children. There was also a short-lived Mr Blobby world theme park too, if we recall.

Despite the song being a definite music hell, the music video to this song was clever.

The first part of the video sees Blobby give his chauffeur, a rather perm-haired Jeremy Clarkson a hug. Although it looks more like Clarkson was attacked rather than hugged, so we’re wondering if there had been a row over a steak dinner.

Within the cut-scenes involving a party scene involving Blobby, there’s some interesting parodies of music videos, including Shakespeare’s Sister, Robert Plant’s Addicted to Love and Madness among them, all inevitably ending in mayhem. Oh, and Mr Blobby ‘pushing over’ Neil Kinnock at a beach.

Happy anniversary, Mr Blobby…

Introducing Grinch AM.

After what seems like forever off the airwaves, our founder and weekend presenter, Aaron James, is returning to the airwaves this December for a series of shows called ‘Grinch AM’.

It is a show where anything Christmas or festive is banned. There will be some special features, a vast range of music for most tastes and the occasional grumbling about anything excessively ‘Christmassy’.

If, like us, the very mention of Mariah Carey sends you shuddering, or you just want to steal Christmas, Grinch AM is the show for you. Saturdays 11am until 1pm, at www.ncbradio.co.uk, or by asking your smart speaker to play NCB Radio. We are also available on third party sites such as RadioGarden and Tunein.