A local family will be supporting a charity ball to raise money for children who have Type 1 diabetes.

Nicole Lavis, from Torpoint, and her sister Becky, have been involved with the diabetes support group Plymouth Sugar Zappers who are organising the ball, since their children were diagnosed with the illness.

It will be a black-tie event which features a drinks reception, a three course dinner and live music being held at Boringdon Park Golf Club in Plympton on October 14, and will raise money to give support and information to children in the area with Type 1 diabetes.

Nicole and her husband Matt, both nurses, suspected that their son Jude had the illness after he started showing classic signs of the condition at the age of 13 months - constant thirst, excessive urine and weight loss.

Nicole, whose son is now only 15 months old, said: ‘We were absolutely devastated. We not only knew the impact of Type 1 diabetes from our medical background but also from seeing my niece going through it.

‘It’s been a roller coaster. Jude is so young he can’t tell us how he feels, which is really difficult. But Becky and Plymouth Sugar Zappers have been a great support.’

The local group is affiliated to charity Diabetes UK and south west regional head of the charity Annika Palmer said: ‘The ball is certain to be yet another fabulous occasion which will help fund the amazing work these families are doing.’