A REPEAT dog poo offender has been handed a whole carrier bag full of her own pet’s mess after some detective work by a local resident. 

The East Looe resident and business owner, who wanted to stay anonymous, had been getting increasingly fed up at finding dozens of full dog poo bags in the footpath and hedge outside her house. 

In January, she posted a photograph online showing the “unbelievable” actions of one person who she believed over a period of time had deliberately left more than 40 bags of mess in the hedge and even under her garden fence. 

However the problem did not go away and at the end of March another update read that an estimated 150-200 bags – all of the same type and colour and all left untied – had now been dumped. 

After keeping an eye out for the owner on their daily walks, the resident managed to film them in the act, discovered who they were, and has now reported the dog owner to Cornwall Council. 

As a parting shot the resident also packed up a carrier bag full of the stuff she’d had to pick up, and handed it to the walker the next time she saw them going past on the path. 

She posted: “This was absolutely out of my comfort zone! I’m not a confrontational person but I was so sick of how blatant they were being, that I got into the swing of it. 

“I have passed details and video evidence on to the Council. I have far better things to be doing with my life so that’s me done now. Just my own dogs to pick up after!” 

Other local people have praised the resident for her persistence. 

One said: “This is brilliant, I have dogs and am sick of picking up other people’s dog poo.  I pick up after my dogs, it’s not difficult, dumping it like that is disgusting.” 

Another commented: “Think we have our own Beyond Paradise detective in town.”