Plans to develop a new “wheeled sports facility” in Looe look set to progress to the next stage of application, as an open day (December 3) is held to showcase the final design of the facility to residents.

The project, which is being led by Looe Development Trust and a steering group comprising The Boundless Trust, Rusty Bucket and Looe Town Council, hopes to introduce a new wheeled sports facility (WSF) to Looe.

Over the summer a number of youth events were held by the groups to inform the design of the proposed skatepark. These designs then allowed Noise Consultants to carry out a noise survey, which as a result has enabled the project to provide a WSF on a portion of the Millpool car park to progress to the next stage.

A spokesperson for the groups behind the development said: “The Steering group is actively involved in negotiations with Cornwall Council to acquire the site. Work has also begun on the proposed Planning Application for the change of use. In addition, an initial Expression of Interest application has been submitted to the Shared Prosperity Fund. Other further funding sources are being investigated.

“Before finalising and submitting the planning application, the Steering group would like to share details of the site plan, the WSF design, which is underpinned by the views of Looe’s youth skating community and produced by Maverick, and the results of the expert noise consultants report with Looe residents. It is the Steering groups opportunity to share with you the work that has been going on over the last 18 months to bring the reality of a WSF in Looe one step closer.

“Looe Development Trust and the Steering group are looking for help with future fundraising as the costs of building the WSF are budgeted at around £200,000 plus VAT. There are opportunities to raise this locally, to apply to funding streams like Sport for All and the Shared Prosperity Fund. There will also be other opportunities for volunteering.”

The open exhibition will be held on Saturday, December 3 from 9am to 12pm at the ground floor of the Millpool Centre.