A NEW development of more than 200 homes would put “unacceptable pressure” on local roads, says a town council. 

Liskeard Town Council has put in its objection to a planning application from Wainhomes, who want to build at the Tencreek Farm site just off the A38. 

Last year, the council had said it supported the plans in principle, as it would contribute to the delivery of Liskeard’s target for new housing, but would reserve judgment until clearer plans were available. 

New documents were submitted by the developer this summer, including the addition of 12 self-build plots, which prompted Liskeard Town Council to discuss the application again. 

Members of the town’s planning committee felt that the many additional vehicles coming in and out of the new housing would place too much pressure on already congested local roads.  

Traffic from the planned estate will exit onto the roundabout near Premier Inn, leading onto the A38 slip road. The adjoining roundabout, to Morrisons and Charter Way, is already very busy at peak times. 

 There are also concerns about the safety of cyclists, and pedestrians crossing the roads in this area. 

 Also under consideration is a separate plan from Wilton Homes West for an employment-generating development at Tencreek, to include a drive-thru restaurant and coffee shop, and a range of potential business uses including industrial and warehousing units, and retail. 

Liskeard Town Council supports the employment site, so long as retail uses are restricted to protect town centre businesses.  

Mayor Cllr Simon Cassidy said that while this sort of development would also bring  some more traffic, the town urgently needed more employment opportunities, and young people in Liskeard want to see a fast food restaurant in the town 

Both Liskeard and Menheniot Parish Councils have flagged up the lack of a circular bus route which would serve both the new housing and the employment area planned at Tencreek. 

The two councils have met to discuss both applications so as to highlight their key concerns in a joined up approach to Cornwall Council. 

Agent Emery Planning said that a Transport Assessment had been carried out to assess the potential impact of the new housing on the local highway network. The agent stated: “The assessment includes a review of the existing movement networks and an assessment of the impact of vehicular trips that could be associated with the redevelopment. 

“The assessment confirms that the site is within a sustainable location, accessible by modes other than private car, with established public bus services within an acceptable walk and/or cycling distance. The site can support the proposed size of development and would comply with all relevant highway safety requirements.” 

Cornwall’s Highways Development officer has not raised objection to the plans, although he has suggested that more internal road connections are required to join the housing with the nearby employment site. 

National Highways, who were consulted about the new housing in relation to the slip roads on and off the A38, has no objections either. Its worry would be traffic backing onto the A38,  but it says that it is satisfied the new development would not lead to queuing at the Island Shop north roundabout. 

The Tencreek site lies entirely within the parish of Menheniot. During a review, Liskeard Town Council had requested that the town boundary be changed so that the site become part of Liskeard. Cornwall Council ruled at the start of this year that the boundary should remain as it stands, a decision that Liskeard Town Council described as “unfair and disappointing”, arguing that new residents would consider themselves to live in Liskeard and would rely on Liskeard’s services and infrastructure. 

Menheniot Parish Council, which has previously objected to both aspects of the Tencreek development, will be submitting its response to the updated plans after its next meeting on October 19. 

To see the plans and leave comments, look for PA22/03642 and PA22/06825 on Cornwall Council’s online planning register.