A man from Liskeard has been crowned the South West’s Strongest Man for 2023.

Bradley Rollason
Bradley with his trophy at the competion ( )

Bradley Rollason has been a lifting weights since he was 12 years old, now aged 27, he lifts weights competitively in strong man competitions.

Just last year in June, Brad was crowned Plymouth’s Strongest Man.

Since then, Brad has been a one man lifting machine, training intensely to compete in the South West Strongest Man competition.

Brad is coached by Rob Frampton. “Training went really well leading up to the competition” Brad explained.

“I train five days a week following a week by week program.”

The competition, which took place in Okehampton, saw over 50 men and women compete against each other for the title.

Each competitor has to complete multiple challenges including a car deadlift, stone lifting, the Conan’s wheel — in which the competitor must lift a heavy weight that pivots around a fixed point and complete as many rotations as possible — and other events.

Brad, who competed in the 'open', said: “I am very happy about winning, definitely a boost of confidence!”

Bradley Rollason
Brad competing at the event in Okehampton ( )

Brad has big plans for the future; he has ambitions to gain a new personal best by lifting a 400kg deadlift and 180kg log by the end of the year.

Brad then plans to go onto compete in the England’s qualifiers next year.